Thursday, February 13, 2014

Man's Rage is launched!  This is a re-hash of the first testing post, and the classic promotional image for the cover story.

Welcome to the "Official" Man's Rage blog.  Later, if necessary, we'll expand to a discussion board or such.    I thought this a nice enhancement to the main site, a place readers and fans and anti-fans could discuss the latest issues and developments.

The first post should be over the dreaded/despised "Rules".

1.  I'm currently based in the USA, so any posts/links/ads have to be legal there.

2.  Having said that, this isn't a "PC Family Friendly" or any of that garbage shit.

3.  AD's are for the (upcoming) ad page, not "Check this out------" now I'd like to be able to post in other's blogs , so I don't care if you happen to sell something from your blog/links on your blog and post here, just be reasonable.  "Mike's Cheap re-useable catheters" is you name or .sig, fine, but only post if you said "I Just read Max Feral's Death on the M'Kunga river and .... comments, discussion, etc."  If you want to adv your product here/in the magazine, great, check for the rates/etc.  I don't care if you sell "Cheep Vi----a" as long as you make an ad for it.

4.  Netiquitte...
---Short form:
A - Sacred cows are to be ROASTED.
B - Precious Individual Snowflakes to be MELTED
C - Death, Death, DEATH to "Political Correctness!!!"

This site is a spit in the face of PC.  Therefore I expect some words to fly.  I'm pretty opinionated myself and have been banned from countless blogs on the right and left and just for stupid reasons by blog owners/webmasters who either hated me for disagreeing with their agenda or just listened to complaints from those I melted their precious, individual snowflake delusions...  So, let the words fly and take it like a man.  Obviously, I reserve the right to do what's necessary in case of flooding/spamming etc., but I can take and boy can I give.  Call me a testicle dragging tyrannosaur, ye'll only rouse the reptile!

5.It's the "Man's Rage" blog so I reserve the right to edit as I see fit.

Otherwise, no rules less I think of 'em and I want to avoid that!  Just want announcements on upcoming issues, welcome discussion on articles/products, etc. as I post.

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