Thursday, February 13, 2014

------First impressions----


   Well, after a few delays (creative issues, business ideas, research) Man's Rage #1 is finally launched!
The next issue is scheduled for July 1 and there should be a cover price of $5 - $7 depending on which sales package I decide on.  Subsequent issues will be published every 3-4 months depending on content/logistics.  Earlier issues will remain archived on the site for download/sale as long as this project is active.  I reserve the right to modify/remove/replace/add adds to the first issue at will, though I'll probably leave it largely untouched and work out a new "Free" issue in two or three years.

---anyone will recommend a good online file selling site based on good experience email at please!

    The first issue of any publication is always "Clunky" a bit.  Well, at least there's no arguing with the price, and I can even argue I'm - heh - 'environmental' since it's not printed in RL, just computer memory.  This post is here to to politely ask my readers once they've read it to give their first impressions.  Also feel free to email - from here/email I reserve the right to print and publish any correspondence especially in our letters page!

    As a final note I am seeking advertisers.  Since the launch date was nebulous I avoided Ads in the launch issue.  However, I am all for having ads.  Its a simple balance in that Ads will help compensate those that contribute to this magazine (if I have a reporter write an article it is not to be for "Free" aka "Exposure ... doood... karmaaaaa" this isn't a "Zine"...) while a small cover price keeps us free of advertisers having power.  If a mink coat maker wants to advertise his wares, but then PETA pays for an ad saying its mean, and letters say they like it or its mean...  I'm for all of that.  Free speech, free market, wide world, mmmkay?  That, truly is the funny part, for I think I'll be attacked for among other things "intolerance" when I'm actually for a free, open society and am putting out a statement to end the delusions and false economies.  Ads will mostly be between the stories, a few in side images in large blocks of text.  I plan to keep the ads out of the feature story, but in between smaller articles and in larger news articles.  Also the standard I have is "As long as its legal right now..." for instance check out the old Creepy (Warren Magazines), Men's Adventure mags, etc. scans for examples.  I'm even looking through my copies/scans to find if some of those guys are still in business to solicit ads politely.  Free market/let the buyer beware, no "We don't need that..." garbage the monopolized elitist PC puke media has.

So, please type your impressions of this magazine here and check back in 2 months for more work on the site and a preview of Issue #2!  In the meantime, if you like it, please tell others of it.  Word of mouth is often the best advertising out there.

Editor/Publisher Man's Rage Magazine

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